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Directed by Hugo Jouxtel

Sound Direction by Oscar Ferran

Edited by Flora Alfonsi

Post-production by Alexandre Sellem & Ambre Fournier


Shot in Villa Magnan, Biarritz, in June 2020


Produced by Ondine Benetier & Philippine Graffard for La Blogothèque


Special thanks to everyone a Villa Magnan



Music by Prudence & Villevielle


"Passionfruit (Drake Cover)"

Produced by Prudence & Villevielle


Label : Intuitio & Sony RCA

Management : Anne Cibron & JP Allard

Style : Barrie, Goossens, Koche Harmony Coryn Kety Nhek

Live Setup Team : Clément Daquin & Raphaël Jeanne

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