THOMAS & THOMAS (go to Greenland)
A fictional web-series

Thomas & Thomas are two best friends about to go on a trip to Greenland. The series shows them before, during and after their travel to Kullorsuaq, the tiny village where the father of one of the Thomas lives.

With Thomas Blanchard & Thomas Scimeca

Written and directed by Sébastien Betbeder.

Cinematography & editing by Hugo Jouxtel

Additional editing by Flora Alfonsi

Sound recording: Clément Maléo, Jérôme Aghion

Mix: Roman Dymny

Original music by Stéphane Auclaire


2015 - Séries Mania, Paris - OFFICIAL SELECTION

A video diary

In each episode, Sebastien Betbeder talks to the camera and gives us his thoughts and feelings about what happened during the day, and what is planned for the next. It also features behind-the-scenes images captured on set.

Co-directed with Sébastien Betbeder.

Cinematography & editing by Hugo Jouxtel

KULLORSUAQ : living on the ice (vivre sur la glace)
A documentary series

How do people live in Kullorsuaq, one of the most remote villages on Earth, way above the Polar Circle ?


We try to answer the question through a series of portraits of different inhabitants.


Directed, filmed and edited by Hugo Jouxtel. 

Original music by Stéphane Auclaire

JOURNEY TO GREENLAND (Le Voyage au Groenland)

A Envie De Tempête / UFO Distribution co-production

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